Sunday, 4 August 2013

{Learning Topics} The Weather

So far so good! We're managing to keep up with our topics, have fun, and learn, which is kinda the point of having a "themed" summer holiday.

Our first theme was The Weather.  I thought this would be a good one to start with as I had a few crafty projects in mind, a few learning projects and lets be honest, its and easy topic of conversation!

Our first thing to do was put together our Weather Chart.  L, being the littlest, could easily get involved with this one as all she had to do was look out the window and say what the weather was like!  She then picked the correct symbol to stick onto the chart each morning. M had the more tricky bit of finding out the temperature from the thermometer on my phone, filling in the temperature and colouring in the thermometer.  

Sometimes our weather chart had three different symbols on it and truly reflected the British weather!  

We had some weather words to learn and I wanted M to go a bit more in depth with it seeing as she knows sun, rain, snow etc, so I printed off some of the different types of clouds for her to learn which she enjoyed cos lets face it, when you're seven you think there's pretty much only one type of cloud!

M had some comprehension to do which is new to her in school but I was keen to keep it up in the holidays.  I didnt want to make it too complicated for her (or for me to set up) so I printed out the Doctor Foster poem.  L coloured it in and M read it out loud, then had some questions to answer about the poem.

Time for our crafty project!  Now Im not big on mess so I let the girls choose what they would like to do...make a cloud from cotton wool or hand print suns using paint.  They chose the suns of course!

See?  Mess!  They loved it though and the result was two lovely bright suns to brighten up our Learning Wall!

All that, combined with lots of pool play and walks to the park, took us up to Thursday then Friday was pack up and ship out for a week at Nannie's house, but think we achieved a very good first week of the holidays!

We start a new theme tomorrow and I've decided our theme will be Under The Sea.  Mainly because the weather is set to be rubbish so we can do a lot of indoor projects and also, Im dying to visit the aquarium again!  You can take a peek at a couple of things we're going to be doing over on my Pinterest board.

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