Sunday, 11 August 2013

{Learning Topics} Under The Sea

So, the second week in our summer learning topics was "Under The Sea".  I gave M the choice from about four different topics and this is the one she chose, mainly because it would include a trip to the aquarium!!

Our week started with learning the names of some "Under The Sea" creatures using the printable banner and sea creature printable from SparkleBox...

Next we made an under the sea picture by painting bubble wrap with green and blue paint and printing it onto a huge piece of paper.  L, especially had fun with this and she was printing bubbles all over the place!

I let M cut out some fish shapes and coral and decorate them with glitter to stick on our scene...

L did some writing practice, which I was really impressed with!  We've been working on her pencil grip this summer as she starts nursery in September (which I believe is the same Pre-Kindergarten in the States) and not only did she totally get how to hold the pencil, she managed to control it to draw along the dotted lines too!  Not bad for three and a half :)  

For writing practise M wrote some paragraphs about Octopuses as she decided this was here favourite animal (for that day!).  

Then came our trip to the aquarium.  The girls were thrilled with this as they love anything animal related.  M was really interested in the names of the fish as well as seeing some of the things we'd learnt about, including an Octopus and Seahorses (my personal favourite!).

Of course no Under The Sea project would be complete without watching Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid and The Reef on DVD, which we did, twice!!

I wish we'd completed a few more craft projects for this topic (I had some toilet roll octopuses all lined up ready to make!) but we had a few play dates with friends booked in for the week just flew past us. 

Next week I think we're doing On The Farm, but as yet its to be decided!

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