Monday, 24 June 2013

Hello and welcome!

If you are reading this you are about to join me on what promises to be an epic journey to find organised perfection!

Ok so, why am I doing this?  What has made me start my project?  I need to organise our family space to feel more like a home than just a place we exist in.  I love our house, we are lucky enough to have a big four bedroomed house with a very generous back garden.  Although there are only four of us in a four bedroomed house, it is fill to bursting with clutter, toys and other stuff Im sure we just dont need!

Beware, some messy shots of my home coming up....

Oh the shame!!  So I think from that its very clear some organising needs to happen in this house!  Goodness Im exhausted already :o(

There's only one thing for it...time to make some lists!

Until next time.....