Friday, 9 August 2013

{Favourite Pin Friday}

Although there are a fair few weeks left of the holidays for us here in the UK, my thoughts are starting to turn towards what Im going to do with my time once the girlies are in school.  I will admit, my first thought was "Go back to bed" closely followed by "Sit and enjoy the peace and quiet".  However, neither of those are particularly productive and I know I'd feel rubbish at the end of the day if I did infact, sit and do nothing (as appealing as that sounds).  

So my thoughts and pins have been centred around organisation as, come September, I will have large chunks of time to myself to organise our home.  Im looking forward to it!  Infact, I've already made a (very small) start in my kitchen. 

Here are a few of my favourite organisation pins from around the interweb.  You can see the whole board here.

I love this ladies blog and this planner makes life so much easier!  Its one of the best ones I've used and will be sticking to it (and I've used a lot of different planners!).  From Just A Girl And Her Blog.

Love the labelled baskets in the pantry.  That way, everything has its place and no one can say they dont know where that is!  Jen from IHeart Organizing takes us on a tour of her super organised kitchen in the post too. 

Some of the ideas in this post are just plain common sense (doesnt mean I thought of it though!)  Read more over at Mad In Crafts.

The Ultimate Meal Planner!  Im relatively new to the whole meal planning concept but this would make it a breeze and I reckon I could knock up something similar to go in my kitchen.  By Better Homes and Gardens

This would be perfect for my office area and am on the look out for inexpensive boxes to put all our crap important paperwork in.  Inspiration from Decorology.

So thats just a couple of the pins I've been pinning.  I also follow a few amazing organising blogs (see my side bar) that are full of inspiration.  Do you have a favourite organising blog?  Do let me know, Im loving finding new ones!

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  1. Hello European friend! I am excited to follow you too! I loved this post and am going to implement Abby's to do list...I need some focus as I shift from summer to fall! xo