Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Holiday Planning

Ok, so not a lot of tidying has been going on around these parts....mainly due to the amazing weather we've been having!!

Here in the UK, any kind of extended spell of dry sunny weather is cause for celebration.  So we've been having a lot of fun outdoors, spending time in the pool, playing in the garden and generally anything we could normally do indoors, we've wanted to do outdoors!

Im pleased to say I've got into a routine of keeping on top of the kitchen.  Getting up half an hour before everyone else works wonders as I manage to clean up all the dishes, put a load in the washer and out to dry, get all the lunches done and breakfast prepared before anyone else surfaces.

However, my organising has not gone out of the window completely!  I am in full on "Summer Holiday Planning" mode.  Which may or may not involve new schedules, themes and LOTS of fun activities to do over the six weeks holidays (which start here in the UK this Friday).

With two very active girlies, who are prone to fights and squabbles, its important for all our sanity that we have some sort of structure to our day.  So, I have planned out the six weeks with a theme each week.  Each theme will include craft activities, books to read, writing and reading practice for my oldest and colouring and counting practice for my youngest.

You can visit my pinterest boards here and see some of the fun activities we'll be up to.

I've also found some awesome printables from some of my favourite blogs to help me plan our days.

Daily Summer Schedule by IHeart Organizing
This one will be our daily schedule, how I would like our days to run (roughly) hour by hour.  It avoids me doing chores for hours and the kids watching rubbish tv for longer than they need to.  It sets our lunch at a certain time (unless we are having way too much fun!) and will help the day run a little smoother.

Weekly Summer Holiday Planner by Netmums
I plan to incorporate a day trip at least once a week, incorporating where I can our theme for that week.  So one week we're doing "Under The Sea and On The Beach" so naturally I want to visit the beach, weather permitting, and also an aquarium as the girls love looking at fish!  This will help plan which days we do what so we're not getting up in the morning thinking "what will be do today".

I will be back with more about our themes for the holidays and other bits I have been planning! 

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